This page is to help AllEars Papillonsnew puppy owners train their pups - and themselves.

Dr. Ian Dunbar - Training the Companion dog

Episode 1 of 4 - Training the Companion Dog 1 Socialization & Training


Episode 2 of 4 - Training the Companion Dog 2 Behaviour Problems


Episode 3 of 4 - Training the Companion Dog 3 Walking and Heeling


Episode 4 of 4 - Training the Companion Dog 4 Recalls & Stays


SIRIUS Adult Dog Training

part 1

part 2

These help articles were written by Dr. Ian Dunbar and can be quite helpful, though the advice may not always be identical to the advice given by AllEars Papillons. Partially due to different personal experiences as well as that Dr. Dunbar's advice applies to dogs large and small where AllEars advice is more specific to Papillons and/or small dogs.
I do not expect you to need most of this advice, but a little extra knowledge before an issue arises can make all the difference!

BEFORE You Get Your Puppy


Destructive Chewing

Digging Problems

Dogs & Children

Excessive Barking

Fear Of People

Fighting With Dogs

Home Alone

House training

Hyper Dog

New Adult Dog

New Puppy

Puppy Biting

Puppy Training

Walking On Leash

AFTER You Get Your Puppy

Leash pressure training (walking on leash without pulling :