Before considering to bring a dog into your life, please watch this talk:

Dog + good nutrition + healthy exercise= longevity

Do not expect something that rolls out of a grocery store bought bag to keep your dog healthy.

Monitor for petfood recalls - and loads of information on pet 'food'.

MUST WATCH for any pet owner is the documentary "PET FOOleD".

Another good documentary to watch:

" The Truth About Your Dog's Food"

And did you know that the meaning of the word "chicken" (for example) is different when used as an ingredient of human food as compared to "chicken" used as an ingredient in pet food?  See here:


Still buying grocery store "dog food"?

Look at this as well ...

Dr. Becker/Rodney Habib about ingredient listings:

Same video on Youtube:

and this


Good article to help you decide between home made or store bought raw diets:

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Did you know??

AAFCO does not regulate, test, approve or certify pet foods in any way.

AAFCO establishes the nutritional standards for complete and balanced pet foods, and it is the pet food company's responsibility to formulate their products according to the appropriate AAFCO standard.

It is the state feed control official's responsibility in regulating pet food to ensure that the laws and rules established for the protection of companion animals and their custodians are complied with so that only unadulterated, correctly and uniformly labeled pet food products are distributed in the marketplace and a structure for orderly commerce.


More suggestions on dog food please search the internet.

The Truth About Your Dogs Food

Healthy Foods to Feed Your Dog

The next generation of pet owners is asking better questions!


 JUNE 22, 2017: Can dogs eat seafood?

Good article to help you decide between home made or store bought raw diets:

If you’ve looked into natural dog food, you’ve heard about all the benefits of raw feeding. Raw food advocates everywhere agree that uncooked, meat-based diets are far more beneficial to dogs than kibble for a number of reasons. Yet even once you’ve joined the raw food club, there’s one remaining debate to consider …

Is it better to make your own raw food or to buy it pre-made from a pet store or online?

Homemade Raw Food

raw food for dogs homemade vs premadeMaking your own raw dog food has the advantage of giving you complete control over what your dog eats. This makes homemade a great option for dogs with food sensitivities or health concerns. It’s also more cost effective to make your own than to buy pre-made raw food from a store.

More Than Meat

Creating your own doggy menu involves a lot more than simply serving chicken breast or ground beef every meal. Muscle meat on its own does not contain all of the nutrients that your dog needs for sustained health. A special meal of steak or chicken breast once in a while is fine (your dog will agree!), but for regular feeding you’ll need to incorporate bones, organ meat, and, if you want, fruits and veggies, plus an essential fatty acid to prevent deficiencies.

Recipe for Success

It’s a good idea to follow a formula … at least until you get the hang of it … to make sure you’re not overlooking anything.

Homeopath Julie Anne Lee recommends the following formula to keep your homemade raw meals simple:

  • 50% muscle meat
  • 10% organ meat
  • 15% uncooked bone
  • 20% vegetables
  • 5% fruit
  • An essential fatty acid – she recommends Atlantic-sourced phytoplankton (a better choice than fish oil, which is very unstable and turns rancid fast) and rotating between coconut oil and hemp oil
  • Recreational bones 2 to 3 times per week – These are the “fun” parts. Feet, necks, femurs or knuckles are good choices

You don’t need to feed a perfectly balanced diet at every meal … balance over time is what’s important.