AllEars Papillons is very excited about the Puppy Culture Program and any puppies we may have will be raised following much of (*) the protocols described in the Puppy Culture DVD.
To learn more, or to purchase, please visit the Puppy Culture website by following one of the links below.

(*) Some of the techniques do not translate well for toy dogs and their milestones vary age-wise.

Puppy Culture DVD
Jane is the director of the movie and authored the book “When Pigs Fly”. She is also an accomplished dog show person, a new show judge and long standing breeder of Bull Terriers.
Puppy Culture is the Gold standard of raising puppies. Puppy Culture raised pups receive ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation), training, a stimulating environment, enrichment toys and experiences and much individual attention. The goal is to create confident individuals who understand at a very early age (and therefore at a core level) how to communicate with people, control their emotions, and to not be scared of novel things and or people.
Puppy Culture DVD