FOUR puppies were born April 16, 2021

3 boys, 1 girl

All 2021 pups' new homes have been confirmed. 

Go-home date is July 9, 2021 (at 12 weeks old)

There will be no other litters until spring 2022

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Newborn (April 16)

3 weeks old (May 9)

3 weeks old (May 9)

Mom Cuba (Allerbest Je Vais au Reve) and the new pups.

left-to-right: Fleur (girl), Kimble (boy), Piccolo (boy), Divot (boy)

These are temporary puppy names for ease of communication.

Sampson [SOLD] has an all-white body, a gorgeous face and blaze and his colour is very light. He was born quite small, but is quickly gaining weight. Sampson will be living in Quebec.

Jaxson [SOLD] has a lovely little face, good blaze and noseband and one spot on the right flank, and a tail spot. Jaxson will be living up north.

Norman [SOLD] has an almost solid colour head. The tiny blaze will probably disappear, but his noseband is great. He has large 'saddlebag' markings and a good tail spot. He was born first and large and is gaining more weight every day. Norman will be living in Toronto.

Maisie [SOLD] has a near-perfect face, a white body, and a nice tail spot. Maisie will be living in Stoney Creek with herolder brother (Louie) by a different mother (O de Chanel).

Updated names:
     Norman                Maisie                    Sampson               Jaxson

 Please enjoy the pictures of previous puppies below.

 Nugget's new name is Pico

Pico in his new home (March 2020)

Pico September 2020 - 8 months old

Pico after his bath. September 2020


Teddy at home (July 2020). Look at that smile :)

Teddy (far right) with his dad Mozart, mom Cuba, big brother Titian and half sister Tessa

Cupid's new name is Tucker.

Tucker at his new home (July 2020)

Tucker at 8 months (August 2020)

Tucker - October 2020 - Mr. Handsome!!

See tab "Puppies-growing-up"  for somephotos of previous pups at 12 weeks old, and when grown up.

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