If you own an "AllEars Papillons" dog - do send me your pictures and I will post them here on this page :) 


(June 2017 - 18 months old) - daughter of Mozart and O de Chanel.
One of the most beautiful AllEars Papillons!

Mowgli and his older brother Music (Toronto)

(Brothers at home and brothers for real :) - CH Medlee's Let's Play Mozart is both their dad)

Cola - 2 years old



Jingle Bells (on the right)
Riverview, NB


Cozette - Palm Springs

Rockford - Kingsville

Buster (Disney) - Oakville

Bleu - Mississauga

Bleu - Mississauga

Melody - Toronto

Music just before his 1st birthday

Music playing tug at home. Gorgeous dog!! Here is the video:


Princess Roxy at ~ 11 months old


AllEars Better with Cola (Georgetown)- on his first birthday: June 6, 2016
Gorgeous coat!

AllEars Mozart's Music at home (born Dec 30, 2015)

Melody, August 2016 (8 months old)

AllEars Mozart's Melody - what a sweet and beautiful girl...

(born Dec 30, 2015)

CHAMPION: Lester's Cicero at Mariboy (Dartmouth, NS)

born Jun 82013

PIPER (Belleville)- AllEars Bird of Paradise Piper

Born Jun 6 2015

AllEars Bleu de Chanel at home with her new best friend Muffy.

(born Dec 30, 2015)

Little AllEars Honey B Mine

Born May 14 2015
(HoneyBee is showing that the average groomer does NOT know how to groom a Papillon. Her groomer cut her ear and otherfringes right off!)

Kiwi (Lester's Fancy Fidessa)

(born Jun 9 2012)

Star  (Lester's Star Gazer)

(born Jun 9 2011) 

Gizmo  (aka Misha)

(born Jun 9 2011)

Maya Madame Butterfly

born Jun 8 2013

Lester's Valentino Teddy Bear, born 2012