Pricing for Papillons largely depends on a puppy's quality, which is determined by:
   Quality of markings and structure as compared to the CKC standard;
   Quality of fur and feathering (texture, length);

The second component of the price is the intended future use of the animal. If someone is looking for a dog for breeding purposes, we would select one that is best suited for the purpose. In other words, we don't just select a pet pup and raise the price. It has to be a dog of high value and therefore it would be sold at a higher price. If someone is specifically looking for a good agility dog, that too would be a selection process, and that type of dog would then also be of a higher value.

Pet quality means a dog that is mis-marked; it may have one ear up, one ear down, fur not plentiful, ear placement or tail carriage not perfect ... In other words the pup is a completely healthy dog, but has a fault that makes it unsuitable to be a show dog and also should not be bred with. 

Pet quality puppies [please check the meaning carefully, see paragraph above] are around $1,500*. This includes a health guarantee, registration with a non-breeding agreement, supplies and support. 

In all my years of breeding Papillons we have not yet had a mis-marked puppy. I hope to keep it that way!

High quality means that the dog's markings, ear set, tail set, top-line, size and fur quality etc. are all within the Papillon breed standard; however perhaps the face is not very symmetrical, or the body markings are not quite what the judges are looking for. These pups would be around $2,500 - $3,000, again depending on degree of quality.

Show prospect means that the dog's markings, ear set, tail set, top-line, size and fur quality etc. are all within the Papillon breed standard. In a young dog some of these things are not fully developed, and therefore we call such a dog a "Show Prospect", rather than a "Show Dog". One cannot sell a "Show Dog" if it is not at least 8 months old. For the high quality pups Show homes are preferred.

If you choose a show prospect pup, but you just want it to be a pet, then the price is still the show quality price, which starts at around $3,000.*

Show prospect pups placed in non-showing/non breeding homes still start at $3,000. This includes a health guarantee, registration with a CKC registered non-breeding agreement, supplies and support. Non-breeding agreements can be revoked at a later date (with mutual consent between breeder and new owners). A CKC fee and a new agreement with the breeder would apply.

Note: there is no guarantee for the ultimate size of the dog or the quality of its coat as those cannot be determined by the usual go home date of 12 weeks of age, and are somewhat influenced by food, maintenance and environment.

Breeding/show prospect pups sold outright with NO strings attached are priced according to their quality. They too will come with the health guarantee, microchip, first vaccinations, supplies and support, and CKC registration.

I am interested in placing future quality female(s) in a breeding or show home, on a co-ownership basis. Terms to be discussed.

The images below show (from left to right) how a Papillon may change in looks over time. The 2nd picture in each of the series show what the pup may typically look like when it is rehomed.

The pictures below are quite dark - the dogs are much brighter looking in person. 

Note that the blaze often reduces significantly as they get older.

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*All Policies and Pricing subject to change without notice.