These are the pedigrees of the dogs that make up the AllEars Papillons group, or have provided breeding services.

AllEars matriarch Bonita (retired in 2016).
Mother of Lester's (AllEars) O de Chanel (who is mother of AllEars Mon Petit Bijou)

Mother of Lester's (AllEars) Rosa-Lia

NewTopaz's Bonita

AllEars Papillons resident stud: "Mister Mozart"

Medlee's Let's Play Mozart

Whiskey - sire of Bonita's 2015 litter: Cola, Oliver & Piper and father of Medlee's Let's Play Mozart (AllEars resident stud)

Champion Krystal's Whisky Sour

Jack Sparrow - sire of O de Chanel's May 2015 litter: Harley, Noele, Barbie & Bijou

Gr.Ch. Medlee-Tuinluv's Pirate Of The Caribean "Jack Sparrow" 

Bear - sire of Bonita's 2013 litter: CH Cicero, Maya & Rosa-Lia

Wolfwind N Redbrant's Farthing - 

Spyder - sire of Bonita's 2012 litter: O de Chanel, TeddyBear & Fancy Fidessa/Kiwi)

Hiddencreek Newtopaz Spyder

Teeka  - sire of Bonita's 2011 litter: StarGazer, Gizmo & Diamond Lily

Newtopaz Teeka