This page will not be kept up to date any longer ...

Last litter born: November 10, 2016 - 2 boys. See "Available Puppies" interested to purchase.

Next litter planned for the end of the year - see "Planned Litters".

Please see 'available puppies' page for updates on litters.

Two of the puppies born June 26th have gone home, the third will be leaving this week. All three have been found by just the very best of people - I can hardly describe my gratitude for the wonderful homes these folks will provide for the pups. On top of that each of these families has made the big decision to cook their dog's food for them in order to provide them the healthiest options possible. 


Newtopaz's Bonita, my first female Papillon, now 7 years old, has moved to her retirement resort at the Walker's family. For years this wonderful family has been providing nursing/convalescing foster care for their veterinarian's cases to get them ready for adoption. They live on a large property out in the country and have three other dogs. Mom Jeanette and Bonita bonded on first sight, no wonder because Jeanette is so warm and loving, anyone would want to be her adoptee! I am confident that Bonita will have many wonderful years ahead of her there!


I have updated the vaccinations page with new information on how to immunize puppies without veterinary vaccinations. This article is for your information only - I cannot confirm the efficacy of the method.


Mozart and Bonita's puppies were born June 26. See more about them on the puppies 2016 page. A search for AllEars Papillons on Youtube will also provide some videos for your entertainment.

These puppies have been spoken for; they will be going home the 3d week of September.

A new waiting list has been started for the next litter which will be late in 2016 (Mozart and Rosa-Lia).  

Next puppies planned will be from Champion Mozart and Newtopaz's Bonita. Due date end June. When that litter is raised, Bonita will be retired. A lovely mature dog who will make a nice pet.

With sadness we need to report that Rosa-Lia only carried one puppy, and when it was born it had no urge to eat. He looked beautiful, but obviously something was not right on the inside. We tried to make it eat, but after 3 days it died anyway... Lia is so sad. She proved to be a super mommy; always with her puppy and keeping it warm and comfortable. She allowed all our interference without a whimper. Such a wonderful little girl. She will get another chance at motherhood the next time around.

Next puppies planned are those of Champion Mozart and little Rosa-Lia.  If all goes well they will be born the 3rd week of April.

Neglected to update this page for a while.

The pups that were born December 30, 2015 grew up wonderful. Strong and healthy and of great character. Now, April 11, 2016 they have all been re-homed. Once again I have been extremely fortunate in finding the very best of owners for them. I truly couldn't have wished for better places for the pups to go!

A huge "Thank you ever so much" to you all: MSG; AB; AP & AL!

Pups are doing very well. Eating softened kibble. Very active and exploring everything. Very gregarious. Tails are always wagging.

Mr. Mozart is such a gorgeous boy... This picture is from Feb 4 2016

January 5, 2016

Chanel and pups are doing very well!

January 4, 2016

O de Chanel delivered her pups on December the 30th. One boy, three girls. All are sable and very nicely marked. Go home date will be around March 23rd. 


December 22, 2015

O de Chanel is expecting. This was not planned, as we had originally planned to move on Jan the 8th, but that date was moved to the middle of December, so the puppies will be very welcome when they get here.

As mentioned, we have moved. We are now located in York, ON - just outside of Caledonia. We have grounds for the dogs to run in and there is a full forest at the back of the property. Already the dogs are so much happier than they were in the city!

As before, prospective puppy buyers are always welcome to visit. Just give us a heads-up!

And the ALL EARS kennel name has now been approved by the CKC. We're official!

November 20, 2015

All Ears Papillons is MOVING!  (The website is not!)

We are moving to a large rural property in York, Ontario (just a little south east of Caledonia).

The dogs will have over an acre of space of our own and there are vast woods that start in our new backyard. 

November 18, 2015

Looking for someone who would like to have a co-owned* Papillon.

Dog in question is "O de Chanel". She is a wonderful, friendly girl, a great mom and very obedient. However, she is larger than my other dogs and has decided she is the boss over all of them.

She would fit in best in a home with no other dogs, or dogs more her size.

Would like to try and breed her at least once more to assess offspring quality between her and our Mr. Mozart. Her 2015 puppies were a bit on the large side - the wish is for Mr. Mozart to be a size-reducing influence :)

If interested in Chanel (pictured below with her 2015 litter), give me a call.  289 242 3001

* co-owning can have many rules and stipulations; I prefer to keep it simple and first and foremost fair to both parties. The dog's happiness,comfort and well-being are the most important issue to be dealt with.

November 10, 2015

We have no puppies available right now.

September 14, 2015

Our home is now up for sale (see ).

Once the house is sold, we hope to find a nice property in the Caledonia area where the dogs will be happier! Not that they are not happy now - they are Pappies after all :)

August 27, 2015

Added a page about home cooked dog food! See: This is Dog Food!

August 26, 2015

All O de Chanel's and Bonita's puppies are now spoken for and have either been re-homed or are going over the next few days.

Have been so busy with the babies, there was no time to maintain the website!

In the meantime Lester's Rosa-Lia and Medlee's Let's play Mozart were mated - so far we cannot tell for sure if puppies are expected. If they are, they would be born around Sep 15.

July 13, 2015

The 2 litters are doing fabulous. Please see the 2015 Puppies page for availability and pictures. Just one girl and one boy remain available.

June 7, 2015

We have 2 litters of puppies at the moment.

Several pups have been reserved already. If you are interested in an AllEars Papillon puppy, please note:

A lot of effort goes into placing AllEars pups in the best of homes. Once we have chatted and you decide you want to be on the waiting list and we approve you, please note that this is a commitment on your part. If instead you intend to continue looking at other breeds or breeders, then let US know right away that the situation is TENTATIVE.

Update: June 6, 2015

Newtopaz's Bonita and Krystal's Whiskey Sour are now the proud parents of 3 little puppies. Two boys and one girl. 2 Sables, the other could be tri-colour. Born June 6th. Pictures will be posted when everyone has had some sleep and a bath :)

Update: May 30, 2015

Newtopaz's Bonita (Bonita) and 

Ch. Krystal Whiskey Sour are expecting puppies!

Puppies due June 5th

Update: May 15, 2015

We are super delighted to announce the birth of four lovely, healthy puppies.


On May 14, 2015 O de Chanel delivered 4 healthy puppies sired by Grand Champion Medlee-Tuinluv's Pirate of the Caribean "Jack Sparrow" -  One boy and three girls!


For pictures see the 2015-Puppies page.


Update: May 4, 2015

We are delighted to report that O de Chanel is definitely expecting.

Update: April 16, 2015

"Lester's O de Chanel" (Chanel) was mated with 

Gr. Ch. Medlee-Tuinluv's Pirate Of The Caribean "Jack Sparrow" 

She seems to be pregnant, so we are hoping for puppies around May 19 (2015)

Newtopaz's Bonita (Bonita) was mated with 

Ch. Krystal Whiskey Sour

Still waiting to see if successful 


Update: March 16, 2015:

"Lester's O de Chanel" (Chanel) is on her little vacation to be mated with 

Gr. Ch. Medlee-Tuinluv's Pirate Of The Caribean "Jack Sparrow" 

 for - fingers crossed - puppies in late May (2015)

In April Newtopaz's Bonita (Bonita) will be mated with 

Ch. Krystal Whiskey Sour

for - more fingers crossed - puppies in June (2015) 


Owners of any of our dog's offspring: do send us updates and pictures.

We will post them, with your permission.


UPDATE: March 2, 2015

We have expanded !  The girls and I welcome "Mozart" into our home. Mozart comes to us from Medlee Papillons. I am so grateful to Susan for trusting me to let me have him. Mozart has already stolen all of our hearts. In the future I hope he will be open to attending some shows, and fathering some puppies.  Also we plan to breed both Bonita and O de Chanel this spring for mAY/June puppies (go home date would be August /early September.)


old news:

Bonita and Chanel have been bred!

Newtopaz's Bonita and Lester's O de Chanel

were bred by

Krystal Whiskey Sour (Now a full champion and working on his Grand Championship!)

Litter due dates are November 13, and November 27, 2014.

Unfortunately neither O de Chanel nor Bonita conceived.


Krystal Whiskey Sour from Medlee Papillons

co-owned by Susan Austin, Marie Smith and Karen Murad.

Simply gorgeous and has almost completed his championship.

NewTopaz's Bonita


Lester's O de Chanel


In home "under foot" breeder - puppies raised with lots of TLC!

All dogs vaccinated with core vaccines and rabies, and tested for PRA1.


2014 Update - May:  There will be no litters this summer.

DNA testing has become available for PRA in Papillons. These tests have revealed that both Bonita and O de Chanel are carriers of PRA. This means they will NOT be affected; they will not suffer from early onset blindness caused by PRA. However, they can genetically pass on the ability to have PRA to their offspring, if mated with another carrier dog. Therefore they can only be bred to males that are clear of PRA (non-carriers).
Most Ontario breeders have not tested their dogs yet. (It is expensive and there is currently only one lab that offers the testing.)

Hopefully the testing will soon be completed by all breeders, and for late 2014 I hope to locate a male that PRA clear and also compatible with the girls in looks, fur and size.


2014 Update - March: A new DNA test has become available for PRA1 in Papillons.

Bonita was tested and found to be a carrier. This means we need to find a male who is NOT a carrier to ensure a healthy litter. Until we can find such a male there will be no puppies from Bonita.

O de Chanel is also being tested before we can select a mate for her.


2013 Updates: 

Rosa-Lia earned her first point in the show ring (December 2013)


2 of the pups from this year's litter are so nice, they are both starting a show career soon :)


3 Puppies were born June 9, 2013 - that means puppies were ready to go home the weekend of September 1st.


2012 Update: we only have one litter per year at the moment.

The 2012 Litter produced a lovely female we call Chanel, who in time (2+ years) will hopefully start giving us puppies as well.


When you wish to buy a puppy, please contact us then and arrange to come and view the litter.

Once you have decided to make a puppy part of your family, we encourage you to come and visit it frequently during the weeks it is growing up.

The picture shows Bonita. The litters born June 8, 2011 and June 9, 2012 were her first 2 litters and several of the pups are amazing looking!

The father's pictures are available via email on request. 2011 was: Teeka from NewTopaz (retired breeder), 2012 was: Spikey from Sally's Valley in Sunderland. 2013 was: Champion Wolfwind N Redbrant's Farthing.

Newtopaz's Bonita

I found this on Facebook (August 4, 2013) and just had to share it:

I don’t want a show dog; I just want a pet.

by Joanna Kimball on July 13, 2010, 

This is one of the most pervasive sentiments that puppy buyers, especially families, express when they're looking for a dog. What they really mean, of course, is that they don't want a show BREEDER – don't want to pay the high price they think show breeders charge, don't want to go through the often-invasive interview process, and think that they're getting a better deal or a real bargain because they can get a Lab for $300 or a Shepherd for $150.

I want you to change your mind. I want you to not only realize the benefits of buying a show-bred dog, I want you to INSIST on a show-bred dog. And I want you to realize that the cheap dog is really the one that's the rip-off. And then I want you to go be obnoxious and, when your workmate says she's getting a puppy because her neighbor, who raises them, will give her one for free, or when your brother-in-law announces that they're buying a goldendoodle for the kids, I want you to launch yourself into their solar plexus and steal their wallets and their car keys.

Here's why:

If I ask you why you want a Maltese, or a Lab, or a Leonberger, or a Cardigan, I would bet you're not going to talk about how much you like their color. You're going to tell me things about personality, ability (to perform a specific task), relationships with other animals or humans, size, coat, temperament, and so on. You'll describe playing ball, or how affectionate you've heard that they are, or how well they get along with kids.

The things you will be looking for aren't the things that describe just "dog"; they'll be the things that make this particular breed unique and unlike other breeds.

That's where people have made the right initial decision – they've taken the time and made the effort to understand that there are differences between breeds and that they should get one that at least comes close to matching their picture of what they want a dog to be. 

Their next step, tragically, is that they go out and find a dog of that breed for as little money and with as much ease as possible. 

You need to realize that when you do this, you're going to the used car dealership, WATCHING them pry the "Audi" plate off a new car, observing them as they use Bondo to stick it on a '98 Corolla, and then writing them a check and feeling smug that you got an Audi for so little. 

It is no bargain.

Those things that distinguish the breed you want from the generic world of "dog" are only there because somebody worked really hard to get them there. And as soon as that work ceases, the dog, no matter how purebred, begins to revert to the generic. That doesn't mean you won't get a good dog – the magic and the blessing of dogs is that they are so hard to mess up, in their good souls and minds, that even the most hideously bred one can still be a great dog – but it will not be a good Shepherd, or good Puli, or a good Cardigan. You will not get the specialized abilities, tendencies, or talents of the breed.

If you don't NEED those special abilities or the predictability of a particular breed, you should not be buying a dog at all. You should go rescue one. That way you're saving a life and not putting money in pockets where it does not belong. 

If you want a purebred and you know that a rescue is not going to fit the bill, the absolute WORST thing you can do is assume that a name equals anything. They really are nothing more than name plates on cars. What matters is whether the engineering and design and service department back up the name plate, so you have some expectation that you're walking away with more than a label. 

Keeping a group of dogs looking and acting like their breed is hard, HARD work. If you do not get the impression that the breeder you're considering is working that hard, is that dedicated to the breed, is struggling to produce dogs that are more than a breed name, you are getting no bargain; you are only getting ripped off.