Before considering to bring a dog into your life, please watch this talk:

Dog + good nutrition + healthy exercise= longevity

Do not expect for something that rolls out of a grocery store bought bag to keep your dog healthy.


Still buying grocery store bagged dog food?

Look at this...

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Start with wholesome ingredients

Again, but with labels:

Cut the meat (chicken, pork, beef or any other protein) in strips if you have a grinder; in little cubes if you do not.

Cook the meat; I add a little bit of safflower oil to season the pan.

Grind the meat - use coarse blade setting.

Refrigerate the meat once ground.

Prepare the vegetables (don't add as many carrots or yams as shown here- these are high in sugars and may cause looser stools), so easy does it. Add spinach, kale, green beans, peppers, zucchini, etc. as you wish. Use whatever is in the fridge and do change it up from batch to batch.

Grate the vegetables

Cook the vegetables and retain the liquid when done

Cook the rice and barley. Add the eggs when the rice has cooked for about 10-15 minutes. (Cook the rice until it splits open.) I add the previously cooked liver, heart, kidney and tripe at this stage. Can also add kelp or kelp tablets at this stage.) Add some coconut oil at the end of cooking. 

Cook the oats in the juice from the vegetables. (Sorry, I forgot to make a picture of that step). I add the blueberries at this time so the whole finished batch doesn't look a very unapealing grey/blue

Mix all the ingredients and add Safflower oil and any vitamins you want to add (not a necessity as the ingredients themselves are providing all you need.) For puppies, add finely ground eggshell for added calcium. 

Put the food in Glad sandwich bags (far stronger than Ziploc), or plastic food savers.

And they are ready for the freezer!

Feeding for my Papillons:

Weight of dog             Food per meal, twice a day

6 lb                            50 grams

7 lb                            55 grams

8 lb                            60 grams

9 lb                            65 grams

Feed more when they are very active.

Give three meals a day when under 6 months old or pregnant

(Start adding a high quality puppy chow when 5 - 6 weeks pregnant)

Add (or as a treat) yoghurt; berries; leafy greens; sweet potato sticks; cottage cheese.

Main treat in my home: Plain Cheerios.

Bon Apetit!

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