PRA1* DNA tests are available (from Optigen**).

A dog can found to be one of three:

   Normal  (free from PRA1)

   Carrier   (carries the gene but will not suffer from the PRA1 condition)

   Affected (will suffer from PRA1 & experience vision problems/blindness)

Breeding may and should be done with dogs with the following matches and outcomes possible:

   Normal x normal = normal

   Normal x carrier  = 50% normal, 50% carrier

   Normal x affected = 50% normal, 50% carrier


Carrier x Carrier = 50% carrier, 50% affected, and should therefore never be done.

Carriers should not be removed from the gene pool as they help to provide genetic variations that are necessary for the breed to stay vital.


* A PRA carrier will NOT suffer from PRA caused early onset blindness, it may however pass on the trait to the next generation. Therefore any mating done MUST be done with at least one animal tested clear (free of) this trait.