With the new PRA DNA tests now available (from Optigen**), and Bonita and O de Chanel both found to be carriers*, I am waiting to find a nice male, tested clear, for purchase, or another breeder's compatible - and clear - stud male I can use before there will be any further breedings. There will be no puppies this summer (2014) 

My fellow breeders, with a few exceptions, are not quick to get the testing done. To their defence, it is expensive, and somewhat scary should one find out their stock is affected. Many breeders, especially overseas, continue to believe that a veterinary ophthalmologist can ascertain from looking at the dog's eyes that the dog is free or PRA. This is not true. The dog's eyes may look perfectly normal, but genetically he/she may be affected or a carrier. If so, these dog's breeding days may be long over before their eyes even start to show the signs of the PRA affliction. The DNA test could have prevented them being used for breeding, thus preventing affected puppies from being born and sold.

I hope my fellow breeders get on board with the testing soon and we can go forward knowing we use only the best dogs and take the affected dogs out of the breeding pool.


* A PRA carrier will NOT suffer from PRA caused early onset blindness, it may however pass on the trait to the next generation. Therefore any mating done MUST be done with animals tested clear (free of) this trait.

** http://optigen.com/