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You may ask to be on the puppy waiting list; please note there will be no retiring adults available for the next couple of years.
The puppies greatly benefit from meeting their new owners before they are 6 weeks old. Several visits before going home for real would actually be great.
If you are not 100% committed to getting a future pup or adult AllEars Papillon, pleasejust keep an eye on the website and do not ask to be on the waiting list.
Thank you.

My usual questions for prospective puppy buyers. If you wish to be on our puppy waiting list, you could answer these questions now or later.

Why a Papillon?

Do you have a gender preference, and why?

How many people in your household?

If there are children, how old are they?

Who works away from home and or works from or stays at home?

Are there other pets in the home?

Do you have a yard for the dog(s) to play in?

Is your yard fenced in?

Do you live close to any main (high traffic) roads?

Would the dog be primarily an indoor pet?

What are your views on crate training a dog?

What are your views on crating a dog while you are away at work?

If planning to use a crate, what size of cage/crate would you use for a Papillon?

Depending on quality (size, markings, feathering), a (non breeding) Papillon will cost $2,800 (regular), $3,000 (nice/show quality) and $4,000 (top show quality) (2016). Are you comfortable with that?

All dogs require an annual checkup and a certain amount of vaccinations. Are you able to afford this care?

If your Papillon would need additional medical attention, could you comfortably afford that?

There are no guarantees on the ultimate size and ear set of the dog if you buy a puppy. Are you OK with that?

Are you interested in breeding Papillons?

Are you interested in showing Papillons (Conformation or Agility)?

Are you interested in co-owning a breeding or show dog? For a breeding co-ownership you would need to live fairly close to York, ON (Haldimand County), as this situation would require fairly frequent contact between you and us.

If you live in another province, how do you plan to bring your puppy home? AllEars has only ever "shipped" where a pup was in-cabin with family friends to be flown elsewhere. I would hesitate to ship "cargo". There are too many incidents reported about dogs being lost or having died during unaccompaniedairline transport.


A lot of effort goes into placing AllEars pups in the best of homes. Once we have chatted and you decide you want to be on the waiting list and we approve you, please note that this is a commitment on your part. If instead you intend to continue looking at other breeds or breeders, then let us know right away that the situation is TENTATIVE.