Four puppies - born July 27th.

1 Boy left - Ready to go home (Nov 4, 2018).

This pup will be a SMALL adult: around 7 pounds, 9-10" at the shoulders.

As always, our pups are placed in the best of homes only.

See pricing below and check FAQ for answers to many questions.

Lickidy Split Sweet P (on the right )

- available -


This boy loves to investigate. He takes the lead, and has the charm and good looks to become a show or agility contender.

Any change in availability will be published within 24 hours

Sweet P (on the left) with brother Emile

Sweet P caught sleeping in the toy box

Mio Piccolo - now "Emile"

- sold -


Girl 1 - "Bianca" - Not available

Girl 2 - "Ebony" - sold


AllEars Tessa Trueheart (Sold)

AllEars Mishawaka Nonoo (Sold)

AllEars LokiTimo Totoro (sold)

All three below