CH. Mozart and O de Chanel's puppies have safely arrived -  June 9. There are 4 boys and no girls!! Three look to be tri-coloured, one is sable. Go-home date will be after September 1st.

Please do contact us if you wish to apply for a puppy.

         Boy                     boy !                       boy !!                   boy !!!

     Titian                Sable                    Zigzag                     HalfWhite


CH. Mozart and Rosa-Lia's puppies have safely arrived - right on time - May 30. There are 2 boys and 2 girls!! They will all be available. Go-home date will be after August 22nd.

Please do contact us if you wish to be on the waiting list for a puppy.

Big Boy                   Little Boy               Big Girl                 Little Girl

One week old - June 6, 2017

Doing very well, gaining weight steadily.

3 sables, 1 tri colour boy.

Mozart and Lia's puppies - the boys are the very top and the very bottom ones in this picture. Colours are hard to tell - sable for sure, but how light (red) they will go can't be seen until they are much older.

The girls

A boy


Below are pictures of recently placed pups.

Majestic AllEars Ariel Thy Airy Sprite (Ottawa)

Sire: Medlee's Let's Play Mozart

Dam: Lester's (AllEars) O de Chanel

KIPLING (AllEars Rudy Kipling Tell a Tail) (London)

Sire: Medlee's Let's Play Mozart

Dam: Lester's (AllEars) Rosa-Lia

Mowgli (born 2016) and Music (born 2015) (Toronto)

Sire: Medlee's Let's Play Mozart

Dam of Mowgli: Lester's (AllEars) Rosa-Lia

Dam of Music: Lester's (AllEars) O de Chanel

Jingle Bells (NB)

Sire: Medlee's Let's Play Mozart

Dam: Lester's (AllEars) O de Chanel

Disney (above) is an example of the transformation over time from a newly re-homed pup to 8 months old. Look at those colours coming out!!

Disney goes by the name of "Buster" in his new home.

Mozart and Chanel's puppies born December 25, 2016 are spoken for. They will move to Ottawa, ON and Riverview, NB. The girl (far right) will be living in Brantford.

These pups are all sable and will likely look a lot like their dad (colour- wise) when grown up.

6 weeks old (above)

Boys 1, 2 & 3

Mowgli and Kipling are doing well. Kipling is growing like a weed; he will probably be a 7-8 lb adult, Mowgli is small boned and will probably be a small adult (~ 6 lbs).

Mowgli is spoken for; Kipling is for sale.

Here is a little video of Mowgli (AllEars Mowgli My Heart on Fire).

(Turn the sound off because his brother Kipling is whining all through this little video :) )
The little boys are doing very well!
The smaller one (now 195 grams) is called MOWGLI (AllEars Mowgli My Heart on Fire), his bigger brother (285 grams) is KIPLING (AllEars Kipling Tell a Tail).
Mozart (our resident Champion stud) and Rosa-Lia (Champion sired herself) have become the proud parents of two little boys!!   Birth date: November 10, 2016

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