2012 Puppies

"O de Chanel" JAN 2013 

Chanel 1 year old 

 Chanel 16 months old

Bear DEC 2012 

Bear - 1 year old 

 Bear - 17 Months old

 Fidessa, sold and now called Kiwi, registered as Lester's Fancy Fidessa

Kiwi (Fidessa) 8 months old 

Kiwi - 17 months old 

Left to right: Chanel, Bear & Bonita - we're off to the beach! Sunday September 23rd.

Mom Bonita (3) and daughter Chanel (15 weeks )

Chanel and her brother Bear - 14 weeks 

Mike Lester's Valentino Teddy-Bear 

Proud mom Bonita with Chanel. 

Lester's Fancy Fidessa, now Kiwi



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