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AllEars Papillons breeds for the best health, temperament and looks; some Papillons are born champions, others are lovable pets; character wise they are the same. 

AlEars puppies are raised with early neurological stimulation (ENS), the "Puppy Culture" enrichment system, and the "Misty Method" for early housebreaking success.

All about AllEars Papillons:

At AllEars we continually spend significant time and effort on educating ourselves on Papillons, showing, raising puppies, dog training, and nutrition. We now have a great (small) breeding group and are hoping to offer some puppies now and again, usually in the summer/fall months.

Papillons have small litters (2, 3, occasionally 4 pups), so the supply is never plentiful. However, we are quite willing to maintain a waiting list and will inform you when puppies are expected. 

Pups live in our home, as do all our dogs. There is someone home pretty much all the time, so the dogs have a wonderful life with regular meals, walks in the forest, play-time and training sessions.

When they need to be separated, or left home alone for a short while, we use exercise pens rather than cages.

Puppy placement depends on the match between the pup’s temperament and the new home’s life style. For example a clearly athletic pup would best fit with an owner who enjoys the agility sport; a true beauty might best fit a show home.

Regardless of your desires, the best home available is chosen for each pup.

The AllEars adults are thoroughly vet tested, Patella cleared and DNA tested for PRA1.

Each pup to be placed will also be thoroughly vet checked, dewormed and microchipped, and CKC registered. 

We raise our pups guided by the “Puppy Culture” system as described and demonstrated in the Puppy Culture movies, and they receive ENS (Early neurological stimulation) (See below for further details)


The above pictures of our resident stud Mr. Mozart* demonstrate how a sable puppy's colour and markings can change over time. 
* Champion Medlee's Let's Play Mozart (AKC and CKC registered)

The AllEars girls

AllEars O de Chanel

AllEarsMon Petit Bijou

AllEars Rosa-Lia

And our two little girls "in training" (both born in 2017)    :)

AllEars Joy to the World -


Allerbest Je Vais au Reve - "Kuba"

ENS was developed by the AKC judge, researcher and author DR. Carmen L Battaglia who holds a Ph.D. and Masters Degree from Florida State University. For the entire article see here. Read more about Puppy Culture here or click on the Puppy Culture logo below.
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