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York, Ontario (near Hamilton)

ALLEARS Papillons breeds for the best health, temperament and looks.
Much planning goes into a breeding; some Papillons are born champions, others are lovable pets; character wise they are the same.
Our puppies are raised with early neurological stimulation (ENS), the Puppy Culture enrichment system, and the "Misty Method" for early housebreaking success.
AllEars guarantees that any puppies placed will be healthy, vaccinated, micro-chipped and de-wormed. They will also be CKC registered as soon as possible after going to their new homes. 
Puppy Culture DVD

All about AllEars Papillons:

At AllEars Papillons, with the gracious support of two gracious, seasoned Papillon breeders and plain good luck, we have worked for a number of years to establish a nice breeding group where the dogs bred together match or complement each other well to produce the nicest and healthy puppies we desire to produce. All adults are thoroughly vet tested, Patella cleared and DNA tested for PRA1.
AllEars Papillons’ first interest is the health of our own dogs; breeding is secondary; quality before quantity. With Papillons the litters tend to be quite small (2, 3, at the most 4 pups), so producing enough puppies to satisfy demand is usually not possible. However, we are quite willing to maintain a waiting list and will inform you when puppies are expected. 
The pups live in our home, as do all our dogs. There is someone home pretty much all the time, so the dogs have a wonderful life with regular meals, walks in the forest, play time and training sessions. When they need to be separated, or left home alone for a bit, we use exercise pens rather than cages.
Puppy placement will depend on the match between the pup’s temperament and the new home’s life style. For example a clearly athletic pup would best fit with an owner who enjoys the agility sport; a beauty would best fit a show home…
Naturally each pup will be thoroughly vet checked, dewormed and microchipped before it is ready to go home. They will also be CKC registered (the litter will have been registered by the time you pick up your pup), and they will be accompanied by a neat puppy starter package, including several days of the food they are accustomed to.
We truly enjoy knowing where the pups are and how they are doing long term, so we like to stay in touch and receive pictures and updates.
We do not approve homes where the pup would be kept in a cage all day long while people go out to work. Should you need some extra time to get ready for the pup, we are flexible as to a pickup date. We normally do not take any deposits on the pups, but if it needs to stay after 12 weeks old, we will. And not to worry, we will continue to love the pup as our own and provide it with love and age appropriate training.
At AllEars Papillons we spend all our time and effort and spare no cost to ensure our dogs are healthy, well adjusted and happy. We want to be sure the puppies go to homes where they will be taught good manners, be kept healthy and fit, and be enjoyed and loved.
We raise the pups guided by the “Puppy Culture” system as described and demonstrated in the Puppy Culture movies. Read more about Puppy Culture here.
ENS, was developed by DR. Carmen L Battaglia who holds a Ph.D. and Masters Degree from Florida State University, and is an AKC judge, researcher and writer. For the entire article see here.
ENS is performed by introducing a very small amount of ‘stress’ to the puppy, for a very short, precisely measured time per exercise per day.  Puppies who have received ENS at the right time (daily, between 3 and 13 days of age) have been proven to have stronger heartbeats, overall better health and a quicker and better recovery from any stress they encounter. It’s a gift a breeder can give the pups that cannot be given at a later date!
Rosa-Lia decided to make herself comfortable in one of our deck planters. Didn't really know that pansies attracted such big butterflies!
Mozart's MUSIC (male)
At 12 weeks and at 7 months, and below with his Champion dad "Mozart".
Music (and his sister Melody) are especially stunning examples of Papillons; a breeder's dream come true. If only we could keep them all ...


Champion Mozart achieved his champion points in 2015.

The show folks say a Papillon's ears can never be too round or too big... "Mon Petit Bijou" outdoes most on both accounts!
Mozart's pictures above demonstrate how a puppy can change colour over time.

                     Going to the beach!Sep. 23 2012)

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