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ALL EARS (Lester's) Papillons are home bred; I am a hobby breeder. That means I strive to breed the healthiest, best tempered and best looking dogs possible, and my females will always have only one litter per year. 

Some Papillons are born champions, others are lovable pets. Character wise they are the same.

I guarantee that any puppies offered for sale will be healthy and fit for the purpose they are sold for. They will be vaccinated, micro-chipped and dewormed at 12 weeks. CKC Registrations will be applied for when the entire litter has been spoken for (regarding name options and ownership transfers); certificates are typically received within 2 - 3 months after application.

No puppies available until at least next June (2015).

Bonita, Lester's foundation female. (Newtopaz's Bonita). 

(Picture 1: 2012; picture 2: Sep 2014)

The current family in their sleeping box. Bonita, O de Chable and Rosa-Lia (November 2013) 

Puppies - born June 2013

Go to the puppy pages to read more about the individuals and see more pictures.

Christmas Day 2012 - Bonita with her son and daughter from 2012. 

(LTR: O de Chanel, Bear, Bonita)

Going to the beach! (Sep. 23 2012)


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