We are now in York, Ontario (west of Hamilton, near Caledonia)

ALLEARS Papillons breeds for health, temperament and good looks.

Much planning goes into a breeding; some Papillons are born champions, others are lovable pets; character wise they are the same.

AllEars guarantees that any puppies placed will be healthy, vaccinated, micro-chipped and de-wormed. They will also be CKC registered as soon as possible after going to their new homes. 

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AllEars Mon Petit Bijou*, Lester's O de Chanel*, Lester's Rosa-Lia, andCH Medlee's Let's Play Mozart, 
In this picture they have just returned from a good run in the woods and are awaiting a little grooming!
Part of the gang, March 2016
Lester's O de Chanel*, CH Medlee's Let's Play Mozart, Newtopaz's Bonita** & AllEars Mon Petit Bijou*
* Lester's and AllEars are one and the same.
** Bonita is now retired

Rosa-Lia decided to make herself comfortable in one of our deck planters. Didn't really know that pansies attracted such big butterflies!

The whole Gang - October 2015

From left to right: Rosa-Lia, Bonita, Mozart, Chanel, and Bijou.

(Lester's Rosa-Lia; NewTopaz's Bonita; Medlee's Let's Play Mozart (male); Lester's O de Chanel; AllEars Mon Petit Bijou)

Mozart's MUSIC (male)

At 7 months old and at 12 weeks and seen below with his Champion dad "Mozart".

Watch his homevideo here.

Music and his sister Melody are especially stunning examples of Papillons; a breeder's dream come true. If only we could keep them all ...

Our lovely little Mozart ("Medlee's Let's Play Mozart") is now a full champion!

Thank you so much to Thomas Curley and Diane Bell of "Classic Handling Services"for handling him so expertly to see him become a champion quickly and at such an early age!



Daughter of Grand Champion Medlee-Tuinluv's Pirate Of The Caribean  "Jack Sparrow" and Lester's O de Chanel, has been added to the AllEars Breeding group. 

The show folks say a Papillon's ears can never be too round or too big... Bijou outdoes most on both accounts!


Has joined the AllEars Breeding group. 

Champion Mozart was achieved his champion points in 2015 while being shown by expert handlers Tom Curley and Diane Bell.

Thank you Susan Austin (Medlee's Papillons) for this beautiful red boy, so full of joy!

The current line-up - April 2015

Newtopaz's Bonita, the matriarch.

Thanks to Newtopaz' Susan !

(Picture 1: 2012; picture 2: Sep 2014)

O de Chanel, Valentino Teddy Bear, and Bonita

Christmas 2014 - Rosa-Lia, O de Chanel and Bonita 

Christmas 2012

Bonita with her (then 6 month old) daughter Chanel, and son Bear. 

(LTR: Chanel, Bear, Bonita)

                     Going to the beach!Sep. 23 2012)

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